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Robert "Bubba" Raymond Baker, Jr.

Robert Raymond Baker Jr, aka, Bubba was born 3-6-57. 

There are many things we as his family could tell you about him. But we think it's best he tell you himself.

"Although I dont remember it, I was born. I have parents, children, siblings, grandchildren and other relatives, just like everyone else. I can flip an egg if I have a good pan. Ive lived a great life and had way more fun than most people. I dont hold grudges very long. Ive done some really dangerous stuff in the name of fun. I have a short temper. I've shaken hands with more (pre-conviction) murderers and celebrities than most people, even called some of them my friend. Ive enjoyed the company of many beautiful women. I dont particularly like dogs or children. I kinda like cats because they dont need me. Ive made a lotta money and Ive wasted a lot of money. Im quite selfish. Im not afraid to put a big nail up my nose. Ive met some interesting people and done some real stupid shit with some of them. Ive enjoyed the company of many ugly women. Ive had some great friends live, then die. I cry easily over that and other things. I dont suffer fools well although Im a fool myself. I love easily. Banannas and shrimp constipate me. That about sums me up. I hope to live a long time. I'll fix this and take it more seriously when Im in a different mood."

Bubba being a humble man, failed to mention his illustious career as a tattoo artist in the central Florida area.  And maybe more notable than that, although short lived a very passionate career in the film industry as an actor. Having roles in many well known films, such as "Bad Boys 2",  "Ace Ventura Pet Detective" and a starring role in the very well known local movie "Running Cool".

He was an amazing man who loved hard and was loved and respected by anyone who crossed his path.

Bubba died of stage 4 Glioblastoma on August 19, 2021.

WAGGM (Was A Great Great Man)

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